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1. The people of the United Kingdom, collectively, are the final arbiter of all political power, a fact recognized by the Crown, Governments, Parliaments and Assemblies.

2. Local government (counties or other local units, ie, cities), will become constitutional bodies responsible, under the control of their electorates, for all powers not granted to national government.

3. Prime Ministers are to be elected by popular vote, they must elect their ministers (not necessarily politicians) and submit them to Parliament for approval, none of whom may be part of the legislature.

4. No treaty, law or government decision can take effect without the consent of the people; and none can continue to have effect once the consent of the people is withdrawn by majority vote.

5. No tax, levy, expenditure of public money nor borrowing be permitted without the express consent of the people by majority vote.

6. The legislature must arrange a constitutional convention to draw up a definitive codified constitution for the people of the United Kingdom, said constitution to recognize the people's sovereign status; and which will be subject to their approval by majority vote.