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When this site was opened it was aimed at those interested in the idea of direct democracy and to provide a forum for discussion how it could be introduced in the United Kingdom. The added intention in providing a forum was that The Harrogate Agenda, other than holding meetings attended by roughly the same audience of 30/40, appeared to be doing nothing - and appears to be continuing down this route.

Ian Parker-Joseph put in a great deal of work on the design and funtionality of the site, as did I where time and money were concerned.

At the outset it was pointed out here that it was not my intention to 'lead', ergo that was up to those registering to formulate ideas in order to achieve this. It is disappointing that since early January not one article or comment has appeared.

Where this particular site/forum is concerned I am not prepared to continue pouring my money down the drain for no return.

Put bluntly, the message I give is: use it or lose it - the choice is yours.