How this site works

We will be operating this site primarily as a forum, it is not a blog.

It is here for discussion in looking for a way forward (hence the arrow shaped logo) to achieving Direct Democracy in the UK, to replace our antiquated and dysfunctional Representative Democracy.

It is about you, looking, reading, informing, contributing, discussing and voting.

Articles for discussion will be sorted by subject categories, selected from the menu at the top, although a list of most recent articles will appear in the sidebar in chronological order, and there is a search facility if you are looking for older articles.

If you think a new category needs to be set up, please write to David using the contact form.

Anyone can use the comment function on each article to further the discussion, but they will need to register and login as a subscriber in order to do so to reduce spam and trolls. (This is not the same as signing up for the newsletter). The login link can be found at the bottom of every page.

If at any time the article contributor should decide a vote is required, then the function is available to contributors/editors to include a simple voting system unique to each article. Each voter may only vote once. Once a vote panel has been enabled on a post, the question may also be shared to Facebook and Twitter.

If there is consensus that a wider opinion on any subject is required, there is also a polling function available, with each question having available multiple choice answers. This will be operated on a strict time basis with the results published by the system when each poll is concluded. (there is no manual intervention possible with the polling system, and once the question and answer choices have been locked in it cannot be changed).

Remember, this is about DIRECT DEMOCRACY. It's time for you to have your say on the way forward.

We have tried to keep this as simple as possible to give the greatest effect, but there is a lot going on under the hood to keep this site safe, secure and not be abused.


If anyone would like to become a contributor, to contribute and edit your own articles for discussion, please write to David using the contact form.

If you are new to WordPress and would like help in understanding how a contributor writes articles, please feel free to contact Ian Parker-Joseph using this contact form.