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Following the first article in this series it would appear that confusion still reigns where the subject of contributing articles is concerned.

Whether as a subscriber (which only allows you to comment on articles) or a contributor (which allows you to write articles for discussion), as Ian explained in his piece, you must register by creating a user name and password. In this regard it would be preferable were you to use your real name rather than hide behind anonymity (although this, at the end of the day, remains your choice). If anyone wishes to be granted contributor status, one again please contact me and I will arrange this

Having been granted contributor status, when you log on you will be taken to what I refer as the 'back-end' (or input side) of the forum. If anyone is unsure how to use WordPress then it is requested you contact me prior to commencing,  please (contact telephone number in previous article in this series).

All articles will initially be placed in moderation, a status I will do my utmost to 'clear' reasonably quickly. The reason for this is that the forum is registered in my name and, although the site is hosted abroad, this does not negate the fact that ultimately I can be held 'responsible' for that which appears.

When writing please do not forget to insert 'Tags' as this will input that article into the respective headings. Also. if you wish to place a vote on the article likewise do so at the time of writing.

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