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Early days, but a few 'corrective pointers' for prospective users:

  1. It appears that that there are instances of people attempting to 'log on' without having first registered, which will result in their being 'blocked', meaning that they will never be able to gain access to the forum. Those that have attempted such, who are 'known' to me, have been unblocked - so to those I don't 'know'; I say, try again please?
  2. On SfS comments were made, where the introduction of direct democracy was concerned, that what was needed was a strategy coupled with a programme to enable progression of the idea. I have also suggested that lessons can possibly be learned , in that regard, from the 5*Movement and AfD. I have also suggested that, possibly, the formation of a political party may be one way forward.
  3. In regard to point 2, those that have already registered as 'subscribers' - and thus only have the ability to comment - please note: there will be nowt to comment on if you are looking for me to provide that on which to so do. I have already stated that it is not my intention to 'lead' this forum - that is your job, so I can but suggest you get writing?

If anyone has any  queries in respect of the foregoing, then please email me by means of the link provided - or telephone me: 077 022 7 5544.

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